Welcome to lI’ Ghun!

lI’ Ghun is Klingon and means something similar to “small, fine tools” and this is exactly what we want to give at this place.

Having started with this label back in 2010 (and after having started the fitting label “Tlhan Ghun” for our Open Source projects in 2007) with Winslew we are adding step by step more tools here which help with the daily use of your computer.

As of today four of our apps are already completed and are available for download:


Winslew is a Windows client to the popular service Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later). You can easily administer all your stored links, browse them in four different views (online, offline full, offline text only more and less) and therefor take your articles with you even when you are offline

Nymphicus for WindowsNymphiucs for Windows

Nymphicus is our social networks client for Windows. It currently supports Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader within one tool and feature a unique idea of how to collect those different sources (and multiple accounts from them) in a single column view.

Nymphicus for Mac

Nymphicus for Mac is the brother of Nymphicus for Windows bringing the unique conecpt of Views to your most loved computer operating system. It is a fully native written client and you can add as many Twitter accounts as you like to it of course.


Chapper is a small App.net client for the Windows desktop and the small brother of Nymphicus for Windows. Its main design goal is to be as small and simple as possible but having anything you need within.


Spinnaker is a free and Open Source tool to easily post to App.net by just pressing “ctrl – shift – p” while being in any other application. It is multi account and support nice details like sending inline links using MarkDown syntax


Meneré will be a feature complete Windows desktop client for the very popular RSS aggreation services Fever, Feedly and more It’s idea has been born during my work on my Open Source client called “Desktop Google Reader” which handles unread items quite good but lacks all the other news (like read ones, tags, starred ones and so on). Meneré is in its early development phase being updated on a regular base.


Additionally the plans are already in our minds for some more tools which will be available “when they are done”

Huntur Desktop

For those of you knowing Dog Agility you might know there are quite few available today to manage an actual tournement. Huntur Desktop for Windows will be an app administer a complete tournement from creating starter lists, storing run results up to creating result lists.

Huntur Online

Also for those of you knowing Dog Agility: Huntur online will be a complete plattform for those hosting a tournement and those wanting to start at the tournement. You will be able to register online, apply for tournements and manage your dogs & clubs. For the hosting clubs all the procedure to receiver applications will be availbale. And there will be even more but its quite to early to tell those secrets…

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