Creating own styles

Starting with Winslew 1.3 you can create your own styles for the more and less view. The way this is done by providing own Cascading stylesheets. To create a new style navigate into the folder %APPDATA%\Winslew\Cache\Styles (which is in Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Winslew\Cache\Styles on Windows Vista/7 and under Documents and Settings on XP). Create a new textfile YourStyleName.css here.

Available styles are updated on start of Winslew - so if you create one or more new styles please restart Winslew to get them listed in the dropdown box

The cache of the more and less versions is a generated HTML page which includes to named DIVs for the title and the content. They look like this:
<div id="WinslewTitle"><h1>Title of the item</h1></div>
<div id="WinslewBody">Text of the item </div>

So if you create a CSS you can reference to those IDs as you prefer.

Hint: Switching the style actually means it is copied to ....\Cache\actualStylesheet.css - so if you want to reference images from your CSS file be sure the relative paths are correct from this file location and not from the style directory.
Hint: As said style changing actually means copying - so if you change the style in the styles folder you need to change the style in the dropdown box to get the new version copied and displayed. You might want to change actualStylesheet.css directly while creating a style but be aware that it is overwritten if you change your selection.