Nymphicus – the Twitter client you gonna love


Nymphicus is our Twitter client. Another Twitter client you might ask? Well, you are right, there are many out there already but this is true for the iPhone, more or less true for the Mac and certainly not true for Windows.

Nymphicus is available both for Windows and Mac in and brings a revolutionary new approach of how to view all the incoming data from your timelines, replies, searches, lists and so on in a way you can handle them quickly and efficient. So if you have more than one account, use lists or save searches you will be stunned by the the new experience you will get in accessing all you current data.

See our video section Windows/Mac to get a first idea what they look and feel like.

The Mac version is a native Cocoa application and the Windows version is a .NET and WPF based application to have the best experience on both platforms.

Key features

Multiple accounts

Use Nymphicus with as many user accounts as you like. And due to the new approach of displaying your timelines see all of them easily

On Windows also Facebook and Google Reader accounts can be used.

Latest Twitter features

Nymphicus supports all the latest features like streaming, native retweets, lists and geo locations by using the newest APIs available

Be native

No non-native frameworks which eat up your resources and never look 100% native on each plattform. Nymphicus/Win is .NET based with a WPF user interface and Nymphicus/Mac uses the latest Cocoa features on you Snow Leopard or later

More overview

Get all you want to know with one single view of Nymphicus. Don’t click through all your accounts, lists, searches, … but just have a look

Search and filter

Search and find directly in Nymphicus, save the searches to Twitter and filter your results afterwards. Directly follow users in searches, send them replies. Do anything you do in your timeline normally

Use external services

There will be a long list of external services included like image uploading,url shorteningRead It LaterTwitlonger and so on.


Using Snarl on Windows and Growl on the Mac you will get all nice, stylish and configurable notifications about all updates happening in your timeline, your lists, your searches – just everywhere

Just lovin’ it

We are own first users so we want to love what we use. And even more we want to you to love Nymphicus too