What is Winslew?
Winslew is a Windows client to Read It Later which can be used to fully administer your items (add, remove, mark as read, tagging, ...) which caches text only version of the webpage so you can read them whenever you want and whereever you are.

What do I need to run Winslew?
Winslew runs on any Windows system with .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 (which should be already on your Windows installation if you update it on a regular base) installed. It is tested on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 64 Bit.

What does Winslew cost?
Winslew is priced for EUR 2,99. For payment Paypal is used and you can purchase a license at the download page. Of course you first have a look at the trial version which is not restricted by the available feature but in the number of concurrent displayed items. This license is dedicated to your ReadItLater account and I will not charge any updates anytime in the future.

Where can I get help?
See my extra feedback page.

Why is Winslew not Open Source?
You might know my many, many Open Source projects I have collected at tlhan-ghun.de. So I am really addicted to Open Source and I will keep this up. But I think Winslew is a tool with a real benefit so I decided to get some little money from it to both pay the receipts for my Open Source projects (mainly webhosting) and Winslew itself. I would of course be happy to get enough money to live from this project but to be honest think it'll be enough to pay those bills... :)

Why Paypal?
When I decided to release Winslew under a commercial license I really searched the market for a billing provider. Long story short version: Paypal is the only I found which accepts nearly every possible payment (you even don't need register with Paypal to purchase Winslew) and which doesn't take to many fees (I found quite some interesting billing providers but if you live in Germany you have to pay much money for overseas transactions. The main thing was/is that I wanted to have very low price for Winslew without spending to much to the provider.

I have payed for a license x minutes ago and didn't get a license key until now?
Currently I create and send license keys manually when I get the notification from Paypal. Depending on when I see your payment and if I have access to my PC it could take some more time. Feel free to contact me directly if you get the feeling that the license takes to long. I will for sure add an automated process of license creation in the future but have to say that my main focus is first to add all the stuff to Winslew which is in my mind already :) Please check the email address which is bound to your Paypal account because the license code is send to this address. If you want to receive your license on another mail address drop me an email from this account referring to your purchase.
Starting with Winslew 1.5 it checks on every new starts against my license database here on the webpage if there is a license code available for you and if you automatically retrieves it.

Why do you want my Read It Later account username?
The license code of Winslew is linked against your Read It Later account username - so you can have as many installations of Winslew running as you want (e. g. at home and at work) as long as they use the same login to Read It Later. Without your username I am not able to create an individual license code for you.

What is this „Snarl notification“ in your screenshots?
If you have the general notification system Snarl installed on your PC Winslew will use it to inform you about changes to your items.