Emergency hotfix for Meneré – fixes Feedly login issues

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The last update to Meneré 0.7.2 included a technically very small (one single character…) mistake which’s consequences have been dramatic: Adding a new Feedly account many times brought up an emtpy authorization window (sometimes with confusing error message ) – so adding a Feedly account was simply not possible.

Many, many thanks to all having reported this issue and having given detailed debug informations so after quite some hours debugging I finally was able to reproduce and then to fix this very annoying error.

I am eating humble pie* and kindly ask you to start Meneré again – it’ll prompt up an update available dialog and when the update has been applied it really should work again.

Also included is a bugfix for a possible crash.

*I got this phrase from a translate service – I hope it does stand for “I am very sorry” as I would said in German “Ich krieche zu Kreuze” 🙂

Meneré 0.7.2 available now

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Meneré 0.7.2 is a small bugfix and most wanted features update to have those changes out before the next 0.8 release later this month.

So those are the three changes:

  • Marking an item as (un)read and (un)saved is now immediately in Meneré
    (until now it used to have a short delay while waiting for the API response)
  • By popular request: A feed can now be marked as read using its context menu
  • Sorted out some possible crashes – if you still have crashes let me know please

Meneré 0.7.1 – bugfix release

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Just uploaded a new version of Meneré to the server so your auto update  will gonna fetch it on next (re)start.

It is “only” a bugfix release for the following two bugs:

  • category filter did not work for Feedly accounts in 0.7
  • new fetched items might be not shown in unread but only in all items for Feedly

Additonally Meneré now has a (hidden) debug feature – so if you have trouble contact me and we might find the reason by enabling it on your machine.
For those wanting to see it anyway: just create an empty file called “debug.menere” directly in C:\ and start Meneré 🙂

Chapper 1.3.1 has been released

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And the next release – very productive today 🙂

Chapper 1.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release which brings the following changes:

  • Links are now send clickable again even when not added as MarkDown-links
  • Interacations tab is now before the private messages (so dropdowns are grouped at the end)
  • Unified stream is now the default setting on new installations
  • All private messages channels are now listed on the dropdown regardless if the API only returns zero items for them
  • The user info tab now has a “send private message button”
  • Fix: Private messages tab was hidden if Patter was disabled in settings

I will now start with the development of Chapper 1.4 – plans are adding user streams and the change of the setup from the current setup one to clickonce (like e. g. Meneré or Spinnaker feature already today).

Meneré 0.7 out now

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I just published Meneré 0.7 to the download server and you will get an automated update notification on next (re)start of Meneré on your machine.

This updates brings quite some great new stuff with even more new and changed sourcecode in the background – so let’s have a look at the news:

  • The initial fetch of both Feedly and Fever is now next to immediate as Meneré now fetches unread and saved items in advance.
    This means you can start directly reading your saved and unread items while the rest of the read items will be fetched in the background
  • You can now (un)save items for later reading using a button on each entry or pressing the “s” button while entry in list is selected
  • Tags on entries are now shown the the bottom of each entry and the search / filter box now also searches within the tags
  • By popular request I added quite some new keyboard shortcuts (they are taken from the good old Google Reader shortcuts):
  1. Mark as (un)read: space or m
  2. Mark as (un)saved: s
  3. Next item: down arrow or j
  4. Previous item: up arrow or k
  5. Open full article (within Meneré): return
  6. Open article in default browser: right arrow or v
  7. Select filter textbox: f
  8. Refresh: r
  9. Goto…
    -> all items: ga
    -> saved items: gs
    -> unread items: gu

I am looking forward for the next release – plans are writing to categories (create, add feeds to them), writing to tags (create, add entries to them), add new feed and at least the first sharing option to a social network (out of own preference:

This is planned latest for mid of July depending on my daytime job and business trips.

Have fun and please provide any Feedback


Spinnaker 0.5.2 available now

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While having invested much time in Meneré recently I do not forget about Spinnaker (and Chapper – stay tuned) of course.

So the today’s update to Spinnaker fixes a small but annoying bug – you can now mix your links in MarkDown syntax with normal links and both will be clickable in the published post again.

Additionally the account dropdown is now better readable.

Hello Feedly!

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feedlyFeedly just made the API for third party clients public available and I am happy to tell you that Meneré already has Feedly supported included.

During the last weeks and using the Feedly developer program I added (next to Fever) the support to Feedly as the second available service in Meneré. Also the support for already read items as well as saved items has found its way into the now available 0.6 release. This is how it looks like:

Meneré 0.6 - Click to see notes

Next steps will be adding the missing API parts (like setting labels) as well as adding the first social networks to send an entry to ( will be the first of course).

As with finishing the Feedly stuff I also had to make a hard decision – I discontinued my “good old” Desktop Google Reader as I would have to rewrite 80% of some very old code in there. For those users Meneré is also my upgrade path and I will provide a free version of Meneré only with Feedly, one account and unread items (this is what Desktop Google Reader did) as I promissed to support my many users there.

See it in action:

Chapper 1.3 available now

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Chapper 1.3 has just been uploaded and is available for download now. So once again: what’s new?

Let’s start with the most popular wish: Private messages are now displayed as separeted threads per channel and you can switch between them using a dropdown list (quite similar to how Patter already looked like in Chapper 1.2


Next and also a popular request which I already added to Meneré and while doing so put that code also into Chapper (you see how all my tools share code 🙂 – you can now search in your timeline, mentions and so on by text (content and author) as well as by language (some iPhone clients provide that information).


By the way: no, you can’t set the language in Chapper while writing right now – all the buttons are already included now but they are hidden as I stumbled on some stuff that needs to be rewritten first in the used .NET library (which is also by me as you might know). But it’s on the timeline for one of the next releases.

Ok, what else? Ah – finally clinking on a hashtags opens the list of items with this hashtag instead of opening them with Alpha.


While adding the filter and the (currently not visible language choosing controls) I ran out of space on the right side of the compose box – so the buttons are now on top where enough space is available for some more functions.


Finally a list of some more minor changes:

  • Icons in interactions are now also themed to light/dark items regarding to theme
  • Fix: Window resize button was hard to use
  • Fix: replying to a post sometimes was send as mention without reference to replied item (no conversation visible)

One last thing: some might have experienced problems with the homepage last weekend – sorry for that, the harddisk died and I had to reinstall the server from scratch after the new hdd has been installed.

Meneré 0.4 available

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Step by step Meneré is getting the main features it is meant to have when it approaches the final 1.0.
As for 0.4 “only” Fever with unread items is supported (this also includes Stringer which has a Fever API now).

New in 0.4:

  • Items display now with feed icon, item time and feed name
  • Feed listing on the left now has a filter function and feed icons
  • Groups are now shown on the top left and are used as filters
  • Limitiation to fetch only 50 unread items removed
  • Tested with Stringer
  • Smaller bugfixes

Users of 0.3.x will get the update automatically on next start.

And here is how it looks like:

Meneré 0.4

Meneré 0.3.2

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Meneré 0.3.2 is now available for testing.

It brings an updated account saving code (so restarting the app now reliable should restore your account settings) as well as a newer setup – this includes a new setup link.