Chapper 1.5 is searching…

As promissed with the release of Chapper 1.4 the version 1.5 is already here:

Added search for posts

Search entry window

Added option to save a search

Searches can be auto refreshing

Search list

Messages and posts now respect the new length (so messages up to 2048 possible now) automatically (using the configuration endpoint)

More chars

The display of remaining chars while composing is now at the right side as it is not fixed to max. 3 digits anymore and may need space

Also the remaining chars are now always shown with full opacity

Every search has its own Snarl class

Global stream display is now off by default

Streaming API now only receives PM and Patter (did receive all before ignoring the others)

When streaming receives a message from a formerly unknown channel this channel is fetched and added to PM / Patter list

Chapper.exe as well as the setup file are now digitally signed

If no license has been bought badge is shown on the main window (sorry, but installations vs. purchases are quite disconnected)

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