Feedback section added to homepage

After one week since release of Winslew 1.0 and first users having bought a license I wanna thank you all!

And as 1.0 is good but of course could have some more features or even have some bugs (no, I never create bugs of course…) I want to ask you for any feedback like feature requests and bug reports so I added a dedicated page here for that.

Finally for today I extended the FAQ to cover some more common questions.


  1. Cortland

    Is it possible to change the font layout? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi! I use Nymphicus for twitter,
    How can I change time zone? It seems that GMT +0 couldn’t be changed.
    Also, can I make font size bigger?

    • Font size changes are on the list for one of the next releases
      So you have timezone problems with Twitter? Might be related to the new API 1.1 parser – I’ll have a look as normally your local timezone should apply automatically

    • sven

      So you do not see your local time stamps? Should be the case and if not it is a bug

  3. Anton Schegg

    Request for Authorization for Twitter does not work. After logging into twitter to authorize, the top frame shows the orange part to enter the pin, but the lower part was redirected to and so I can’t see the PIN generated by twitter.

    • I have seen this this weekend too – seems as if Twitter changed some default behaviour here. Fixed it yesterday and will upload a new version this evening.

    • Was able to fix it without a release now as I just found an option in the application settings at Twitter developer portal to override the behaviour. Should be working again alrady đŸ™‚