Feedback & Support

Winslew and Nymphicus feature all the stuff I personally thought should be included to make them useful for you and for me. Also they are tested at three PCs I have access to (Win XP Pro SP3 32 Bit English, Win XP Pro SP3 32 Bit German and Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit English) but as it is software it is most likely to have some bugs.
If you have feature requestbugs or just wanna talk a little bit you can get me by the following ways:

defaultUserVoice: This is a great service for feature requests and bug reports – you can vote for features, get notified of issue updates and so on.
mail_genericE-Mail: (note: I am really getting much spam so I am only 98% sure to get your mail because of spam filters…)
twitterTwitter: @liGhun
facebookFacebook: liGhun
ChatChat: I have accounts to more or less all popular instant messaging providers like ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk. Just send me an email if you want to chat with your username and your service and I will add you 🙂