Meneré released

Sorry for the delay of 0.8 (I said mid of July and today is July 24th…) but my fulltime job has been quite more than “only fulltime” recently 🙁

Anyway while the features for 0.8 are in the works I want to adress quite some problems which might occure on daily use (worst case: crashes) with this intermediate release. While containing already quite some 0.8 stuff nothing is visible right now.

If please let me know – it should not do so in more or any case now with the new error handling routines I just added.

The auto updater will get the new version one your next start of Meneré.


  1. I can’t install meneré, the setup alway say it can’t connect to the application provider, I have .Net framework updated and all but not know why can’t download the real installer, there is no way you give the real installer even if it’s of a big siz? Do you know why I can’t even download the a installer? thanks for your time

    • I have some other requests for a full installer and hope to create one with the upcoming (and overdue) 0.8 release.