Meneré 0.7 out now

I just published Meneré 0.7 to the download server and you will get an automated update notification on next (re)start of Meneré on your machine.

This updates brings quite some great new stuff with even more new and changed sourcecode in the background – so let’s have a look at the news:

  • The initial fetch of both Feedly and Fever is now next to immediate as Meneré now fetches unread and saved items in advance.
    This means you can start directly reading your saved and unread items while the rest of the read items will be fetched in the background
  • You can now (un)save items for later reading using a button on each entry or pressing the “s” button while entry in list is selected
  • Tags on entries are now shown the the bottom of each entry and the search / filter box now also searches within the tags
  • By popular request I added quite some new keyboard shortcuts (they are taken from the good old Google Reader shortcuts):
  1. Mark as (un)read: space or m
  2. Mark as (un)saved: s
  3. Next item: down arrow or j
  4. Previous item: up arrow or k
  5. Open full article (within Meneré): return
  6. Open article in default browser: right arrow or v
  7. Select filter textbox: f
  8. Refresh: r
  9. Goto…
    -> all items: ga
    -> saved items: gs
    -> unread items: gu

I am looking forward for the next release – plans are writing to categories (create, add feeds to them), writing to tags (create, add entries to them), add new feed and at least the first sharing option to a social network (out of own preference:

This is planned latest for mid of July depending on my daytime job and business trips.

Have fun and please provide any Feedback