Redefining mid of July – Meneré 0.8 finally available

I have written that the release of Meneré will be in mid of July – so as the release is today I simply define that today is mid of July. 🙂

So as Menere 0.8 is finally here you get at least a quite long changelog which is a really big step towards the 1.0.

As always let’s see what’s new in detail:

  • Alternative item display as a list with single line entries
    – needs less space
    – can be sorted by any column
    This has been asked for from quite some users (stating that the default view simply needs to much space) – so here we are:
    Menere 0.8 - New list view
  • Added item edit window (tags, mark as read and saved for now – more to come)
    Menere 0.8 - Edit item
  • Added send to menu – in this version we start with
    – EMail
    Menere 0.8 - Send to services
  • The save button now changes color when item is saved as well as showing the tooltip to remove saved state by pressing s
    Menere 0.8 - Colored buttons
    Also the read button is now green on already read items
  • The position and size of the window is saved and restored on next start
  • You can change the height of top/bottom part of the window now (see more entries vs. see more content of the active entry)
    Menere 0.8 - Grid splitter
  • Removed add account button from main window and added it instead to the preferences window.
    Menere 0.8 - Preferences
  • Added remove account button to the preferences
  • Removed the big tooltip on item and instead list all keyboard shortcuts in preferences window
    Menere 0.8 - Keyboard shortcuts
  • Added traditional setup as alternative to the Click Once installer
    Quite some users have not been happy with the ClickOnce (which has many aspects) so I added a second traditional setup file (experimental for now – no auto update so far)
    Menere 0.8 - full installer
  • Hiding script errors is back
    I disabled this code as I had hoped it was the reason of crashes. It was not but instead it is the used embedded Internet Explorer
    So I will add a WebKit engine in 0.9 – till than the crashes will stay (sorry) as there is no way to catch them – thanks Microsoft…